Mobiles quickly becoming main media source for the Chinese

China is still an emerging market for smartphones and tablets but the Chinese are now more likely to depend on mobiles as their main source of media than the Americans.

This report comes from a study by the Interactive Internet Advertising Committee of China and IAB.

Media consumption on mobiles is much higher in China. 28% Chinese smartphone owners have revealed that they are less likely to watch TV and preferences for print media reduced by 27%.

However, USA is still ahead in what people do with their smartphones. 51% Americans access the internet on mobile devices when watching TV compared to 10% Chinese; 34% Americans do local searches compared to 8% Chinese and 38% Americans go through social media compared to 9% Chinese.

However, only 6% Chinese said they would never leave their homes without their mobiles and only 7% said that they reach out for their smartphones first thing in the morning.

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