Mobiles encourage 54% of photo sharing online

Recent data reveals that 58% Americans only click photos on their mobiles.

This is compared to 33% that use both mobiles and digital cameras.

Snapchat and Instagram have emerged as the biggest contributors that encourage sharing content online. 92% Americans own mobile phones. 9% of them have used Snapchat and 18% of them have used Instagram.

As per Pew Research 54% users of ISP Stateside post their videos and photos online. This is up from 46% last year.

“Creators” is the name that has been given to the group and for this group photos and videos are at 52% and 26% respectively.

“Curators” is the group that uploads existing photos and videos and not their own and they are 47% of web users in the US. This group is up from 41% last year and for this group photos and videos are at 42% and 36% respectively.

40% are hybrids of creators and curators.

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