Mobile market research standards will now be defined by a new body

Mobile Marketing Research Association, the new US body, has been formed in response to corporates using technology to eavesdrop on users.

The release says so – “With mobile marketing research, it is possible for researchers to see user-generated videos, photos, and text messages from participants… (and with) smartphones, it is possible to track participants’ whereabouts and listen to the actual voice of the customer while they are in the moment of buying, where it matters most to marketers.”

MMRA is also aware of the fact that many customers don’t at all mind sharing their location and personal information in exchange for deals.

The MMRA mission is to establish best practices and mobile research guidelines around the mobile marketing research channels for use by clients, participants and researchers.

Two conferences organized by the Merlin Institute in Atlanta and Berlin gave rise to this. Current board members include representatives from Bare Associates, Blauw Research, Brainjuicer, CivicCom, EthOS App, General Mills, Nielsen, OnDevice, Revelation and TNS.

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