Mobile Entertainment and Apple: What is Next?

The mobile industry has already been stirred and shaken by App Store, one of Apple’s many super offerings. But this is not the end. Knowing Apple, they have something up their sleeve, waiting to be launched.

Apple could really do something special in mobile services like Social Media, Gaming, Mapping & Location, Advertising, iTunes in the Cloud and Apple TV Everywhere. These are some applications on which a lot of work can be done and Apple can definitely explore these spaces.

Apple certainly has the wherewithal for providing APIs and platforms on which developers can work. But the company also needs to be wary of competition in the iPhone domain, especially in OpenFeint, a social gaming platform, Facebook and Foursquare on the social side and Spotify, a streaming music service.

Like everyone else, we are also waiting to see what Apple comes up with next. More to come from Apple to make mobile phones more interesting.

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