Mobile click fraud protection from Trademob

Trademob, the mobile app marketing platform, has launched a new algorithm for click fraud protection.

It will be part of its smartBoost solution and app marketing platform.

A recent by the firm revealed that an average of 40% mobile ad clicks result in less than 0.1% conversion. This could be due to fraud or accidental clicks.

As per Ravi Kamran, CEO of Trademob, some campaigns have fraud rates as high as 67%. The new product will ensure returns on each dollar spent by marketers.

The new algorithm is heavily data driven and can identify source of fraud clicks and eliminate investments in fraud publishers. The platform is integrated with Trademob’s optimisation engine to identify the most effective target settings for app marketing campaigns on mobiles. The engine will track over half a million clicks a day for this.

The new app aims to improve app marketing RoI by up to 70%. is the UK’s leading mobile bingo portal.


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