Mobile chargers for cyclists, by Nokia

One can now charge their Nokia phones even while they are cycling.

Nokia has introduced a unique bicycle charger for their customers who live in regions with limited electricity.

The company hopes that customers in Western Europe and UK will quickly catch on with the bicycle charger.

Leo McKay, the spokesman of Nokia, said that although the initial targets are the developing markets, the actual potential lies in the countryside. Amsterdam is one of the places where the bicycle is the most common mode of transport. In such places, unlimited supply of environmentally friendly power is available.

The contents of a Nokia Bicycle Charger kit are a Bottle of Dynamo, a Nokia Phone holder for bicycle CR-124 and a Nokia Bicycle Charger DC- 14.  

The dynamo will start charging up a bicycle runs at 6 km/hr. The charging stops at 50 km/hr and runs at an efficient rate at 12 km/hr.

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