Mobile broadband subscribers to cross the billion mark

As per Ericsson the number of mobile broadband subscribers grew to 500 million in 2010 but if projections are right then we can safely assume that this number is set to double before the end of the current year.

Ericsson has predicted that the large number of new subscribers will be largely from Asia Pacific with 400 million subscribers while North America and Western Europe will contribute to the tune of 200 million subscribers each.

It is quite evident that this number is being driven by the joint contribution of laptops, smartphones and tablets. Mobile data transfer is rapidly increasing and the number of subscribers in August 2010 tripled from just a year ago. As per data this number will only go one way – upward.

Ericsson believes that by 2015 the number of mobile subscribers will go above 3.8 billion. 95 –percent of this number will be driven by LTE, CDMA and HSPA networks.

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