Mobile app downloads up by third after iPhone 5 release

Fiksu, the app marketing specialist, has reported that the release of the iPhone 5 on Sept 21 caused a 33% rise in downloads from the App Store in the month of October.

The average is 5.4 downloads per day. This spurt has repeated and outpaced the same trend seen after the release of iPhone 4S that cause 29% more downloads.

As a result the The Fiksu cost per loyal app user fell down to $1.06 in October, $0.07 or 6% lower than that in September. A loyal app user is someone that opens an app more than two times. The new owners of iPhone 5 seem to be more interested in organic searches for new content and less interested in promoted apps. This saves campaign money for app marketers.

As per Fiksu October was the opportunity month for app marketers where users looked for new content for their new gadget. And some marketers rode the opportunity. is the UK’s leading mobile bingo portal.


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