mmm Bingo Launches TV Advertising Campaign

MMM Bingo has just arrived on your television with the launch of their ITV advertising campaign.

mmm Bingo, a real-cash bingo game designed for your mobile, is going to be advertised on UK television this week. The ad will be shown on ITV for 10 days and will be seen by an estimated 20 million people.

It’s no surprise that mobile bingo is about to appear on our tellys, and it’s no surprise that the first is mmm Bingo because this game is considered to be the number one mobile bingo game in the world. mmm Bingo has everything you’d want in a game of bingo – big money, chat rooms, friends, and lots of fun – all on your mobile.

Anyone with a phone can play mmm Bingo, and everyone gets a free bonus when they register.

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