Microsoft announces closure of Windows Mobile Marketplace on May 9

Microsoft has sent a series of emails announcing the closure of its app store.

These emails are being sent to all the customers that own one of the Windows Mobile 6.x smartphones.

The scheduled date of closure has been agreed to be on May 9. After the closure is complete the owners of Windows Mobile 6.x smartphones will not be able to download any games or apps from the Windows Mobile Marketplace. The good news is that all those games and apps that have already been downloaded will continue to work until the device is wiped.

This news comes as no surprise because it is evident that Microsoft has completely neglected its 6.x OS that had its last update rolled out in January 2010, more than 2 years ago. In the past 2 years Microsoft has put in all its effort to promote its Windows Phone OS that has Mango as the current version.

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