Men more prepared for mobile shopping this Christmas

Mobile shopping this Christmas is already looking very merry.

And PayPal has now reported that the number of men waiting for the last moment to finish their Christmas shopping has halved since last year. 10% men are expected to shop from their mobile phones this year.

31% men have already clicked photos using their phones of their shopping items; 12% have scanned barcodes for getting more information and 11% have noted down shoe and cloth sizes using their mobile devices.

Rob Skinner, spokesperson for PayPal mentioned that the mobile shopping option has had a great impact on those that leave Christmas shopping to the last moment. It is now way easy to buy presents during one’s spare time and weekend rushes at the stores can be avoided.

PayPal expects to handle more than $10 billion in mobile payments globally this year. Its Monday mobile transactions went up by 190% compared to last year.

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