ME Award tickets sold out

November 18th will see the hosting of the 5th Annual ME Awards at the Royal Garden Hotel in London.

All the tickets are already sold out and this event is proving a compelling draw for the entire industry.

Some of the biggest names that will be present during the award ceremony include Microsoft, Google, Nokia, PayPal, Facebook, Orange, RIM, Chillingo and O2.

To get into the standby list you can contact through email or You can also call on +44 1992 535647. Since the tickets are all gone your only hope is a cencellation.

The sponsors for the awards this year are –

  • Platinum Partner – Nokia
  • Gold Partner – Microsoft
  • Event Partner – TIM
  • Best Operator Partner – Out There Media
  • Drinks Reception Partner – IMR
  • Gambling Company Partner – Neomobile

You can also visit the website of the event organizers and find out more about the nominees and other details. gives you the best mobile bingo reviews – our current favourite is mmmBingo.

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