McDonald’s has acquired Burger King!

There is no lack of hackers in the world and they often leave individuals and corporations red faced.

Burger King was recently left red faced when its Twitter account was hacked by some digital pranksters.

A series of bizarre tweets have emerged from @BurgerKing and these tweets have reached out to various Twitter users and rappers. Perhaps the most number of these tweets went to McDonald’s because it apparently has become the new owner of Burger King “because the whopper flopped”.

A funny tweet says that if you are interested in visiting one of the McDonald’s owned Burger King establishments you can find it “in a hood near you”. Thousands of followers were acquired by Burger King (although it is none too happy about it) before its Twitter account was suspended.

McDonald’s issued a statement empathizing with the Burger King situation but made it clear it had nothing to do with this.

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