Marmalade and TapJoy team up

Marmalade, formerly known as IdeaWorks 3D looks to be on a mission to develop a development tool by providing complimentary commercial services.

Marmalade has recently added the option of integrating inneractive advertising and is now also offering the TapJoy service that courts controversy every now and then.

TapJoy allows developers to promote and distribute apps in part by incentivizing them who install it. As per critics this can skew the app space dynamics and lead to reports with wrong data that can falsely popularize certain services. In June this year, this practice was banned by Apple due to the same reason.

However, many people argue that this is a legitimate tool that developers can use to distribute their products widely. Tamir Strauss, Marmalade EVP Product, has said that the new partnership will allow the company to offer lucrative and innovative products to the developer community and explore exciting monetary prospects.


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