Linden Lab might launch Second Life as a mobile application

The maker of virtual world Second Life, Linden Lab, has planned to launch mobile applications.

However, no details have been divulged by the company. Linden Lab recently announced a reconstruction plan for the company. Approximately 30 percent of the company’s staff will be cut short owing to the consolidation engineering, product and customer support teams.

According to the future plans of the company, Second Life will soon be launched as a browser based application. Users of popular networking sites like Until Now and Facebook will be able to access Second Life by downloading a desktop client.

The press release of the company reveals that development of mobile applications is also on the cards. Although no other details have been mentioned about the expansion of mobile applications, market experts are considering this to be the first sign of the launch of Second Life as a mobile application.

Mark Kingdon, CEO of Linden Lab, says that the company’s goal is to make Second Life more accessible.

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