LadyLucks TV Advert – Perfection!

LadyLucks ran their second ever TV advertising campaign throughout March on ITV. The short ad ran for a couple of weeks on late night TV and tinybingo.co.uk thinks it was a perfect ad!

The advert is professional, simple and gives a clear message. So what does the advert say about LadyLucks?

– The games look great
– You can play on any type of phone from old to new
– LadyLucks is there on your mobile when you need it!
– You can win real jackpots
– LadyLucks has over 500,000 players – join the party!

LadyLucks ran their first TV advert in 2008 (when WAP & Gadafi were still around); as you can see it was something different:

mmmBingo have also been on the telly a couple of times. Their advert was more of the “chat to girls in your area” style:

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