LadyLucks Bingo to Get the Touch Treatment This Month

LadyLucks Bingo will be launching a brand new mobile bingo game this month, making it iPhone, Android & Touch friendly. This could be the biggest mobile bingo news of the year.

Touch mobiles have taken the UK and the World by storm – making touch screens the most loved way to play games on our mobiles. This has been a problem for LadyLucks mobile bingo because it was designed years before the touch screen revolution, making it incompatible with a large chunk of modern mobiles.

The new iPhone, Android & Touch compatible mobile bingo game from Ladylucks will launch during this month with no announced launched day. The TinyBingo.co.uk team can’t wait to see what Ladylucks will come up with!

No doubt Ladylucks iPhone bingo will feature super sexy graphics with fun animations, this is a must for the iPhone. The real chat rooms should be brought to life making them even more fun than online bingo chat rooms.

What we really want from the new iPhone bingo from Ladylucks is… SOUND. A little ping or a jingle here and there will do wonders for the game experience; currently no mobile bingo game has sound effects.

Watch this space for more details.

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