JayCut acquired by RIM

The latest addition to the RIM family is JayCut, a Swedish firm that started in 2007 with an aim to add creativity to the Internet video space.

JayCut is famous for the solution that it created to allow users edit web videos on their mobile and then publish the edited result to any website or device.

Now that it has been acquired by RIM it looks that it will work extensively toward providing solution for the PlayBook Tablet. This new deal is the continuation of RIM’s recent mergers and acquisitions spree. Last December it bought The Astonishing Tribe, the UI specialist and compatriot of JayCut. RIM also acquired Tungle in April and Scoreloop in June this year.

The statement on the JayCut site said that they see great value proposition through this acquisition. They can now solely focus on creating some great video editing tools that can be used by millions of users worldwide.


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