Is Mobile Bingo Set to Overtake Online Bingo in 2010?‏

Online bingo better watch out. There’s a new kid on the block, going by the name of Mobile Bingo.

Taking the UK by storm, mobile bingo is set to give online bingo a run for its money in 2010. The reason is that playing bingo on your phone gives players some huge advantages over the online version:

- Mobile bingo can be played anywhere, not just where there’s a PC. Some of players’ favourite places to play are on the bog, in bed, at bus stops, or just in the comfort of their living rooms!

- Mobile bingo is on 24/7, so you can play at anytime that you want to.

- You benefit from the same signup bonuses and, more importantly, the same massive jackpots as on online bingo.

- Deposit conveniently using your phone bill with mobile bingo.

- Makes friends and have fun on mobile bingo chat rooms.

As you can see, mobile bingo is the ultimate luxury in bingo, allowing you to play at anytime where ever you happen to be. That’s why hundreds of players are making the move from online bingo to the far more convenient mobile bingo everyday! Isn’t it time you did, too?

TinyBingo.co.uk’s number 1 mobile bingo game is mmmBingo

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