Is Facebook planning to buy BlackBerry?

The Wall Street Journal reported that the bosses at BlackBerry recently made a trip to California to meet the top bosses at Facebook to discuss a possible acquisition of the beleaguered Canadian company.

It does make sense for FB to make the acquisition because it can cut out any middle man if it is at all interested in making a device.

However, Mark Zuckerberg denied that Facebook has any intention of releasing a smartphone and he believes that this strategy would be wrong for Facebook.

Facebook is actually working on the Facebook Home software to forge deeper partnerships with manufacturers. This app is a mobile-first app that allows Facebook access direct from the home screen and interaction with contacts without leaving the app being in use.

BlackBerry continues to face bidding wars. Fairfax has already offered $4.7 billion and the Canadian company has been in talks with Cisco, Google and SAP.

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