iPhone 5 set to create new shipment records for Apple smartphones

There were 93 million iPhone units shipped in 2011.

And industry experts believe that Apple will hit 149 units shipped this year, a 60% increase year-on-year. And all this is thanks to the new iPhone 5.

In the case of Apple the tradition has been to stop buying an iPhone the moment the rumors of a new model hit the market. Apple shipped 35.1 million units in Q2 and this dropped to 26 million in Q3. But it is almost sure that the Cupertino based giant will bounce back with record shipments of iPhone 5.

Daniel Gleeson, IHS mobile analyst, says that iPhone 5 has a significant difference from the earlier models and hence the outcome of units shipped will be more than those of iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 not only has a larger screen but also offers 4G LTE connectivity that will drastically improve speed of data. These are what will drive sales.

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