iPad now has Spotify

Spotify has now come to iPad and this is not surprising news at all.

iPad was all that was missing in Spotify’s portfolio and this has now been rectified.

The new Spotify app on iPad comes with a host of features. It has Retina graphics for iPad and a new UI that can be used to explore the entire catalog of Spotify with 18 million songs. An HD cover art with full screen “Now Playing” view has been added. The same view allows searching for music, playlists and users. Users can also trend songs and playlists.

Other features include AirPlay integration, gapless crossfade and playback and grouped inbox for easy searching.

With Spotify now added to iPad it should help the company further expand the good work that it has been doing all this while.

Spotify is presently available in 13 countries and has more than 3 million paying subscribers.

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