iPad Mini release fuels Kindle Fire HD sales

Amazon has never been very forthcoming about revealing its sales figures.

However, the company revealed to AllThingsD that the sales numbers of its Kindle Fire HD have risen significantly after Apple launched its iPad Mini last Tuesday.

Drew Herdener, spokesman for Amazon, said that last Wednesday the $199 priced Kindle Fire HD had its biggest day of sales since its launch. The sales figures are up 3 times week over week.

It was interesting to hear Herdener spending time to talk about the price of the Kindle Fire HD. The Kindle Fire HD is priced at $199 and Appleā€™s cheapest offering is much higher at $329. This may suggest that the iPad Mini may be too expensive for many of the buyers.

However, like most of the other Apple products the iPad Mini also sold out very shortly after it was released for sale. So, one cannot keep Apple out of the reckoning yet.

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