iOS7 promises a host of practical updates

Apple has promised new fonts and color schemes in iOS7 and this is exciting enough.

However, a lot many practical updates are also built into the new OS that will be officially rolled out in September. These might just encourage people to opt for one of the 4G mobile phones.

Airdrop will make photo sharing easier. Photo sharing can be done wirelessly with any nearby iPad or iPhone. Users can even be on different Wi-Fi networks and still share photos.

The Siri voice feature will also get better. Siri can be used to search Bing, Twitter and Wikipedia. The new male and female voices also sound much more natural.

To return to a previously viewed webpage you simply have to swipe your finger from left to right. The phone can also be turned on by swiping right anywhere on the display panel. The spotlight feature is also set to become easier.

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