iOS and EU5 Android app downloads pass 600 million in QI

The latest madreport from Madvertise provided infographics and data on this news.

Madvertise, the European mobile ad firm and Xyologic, the app search specialist partnered for this research that covers download trends across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, making up the EU5.

The download numbers for iPhone and Android apps reached 603 million for EU5 in the first quarter of the year. The number during the same period last year was 552 million. Android bettered iPhone in the number of downloads, increasing from 262 million in QIV of 2011 to 381 million in QI of 2012. iPhone, on the other hand, saw a decline from 290 million in QIV of 2011 to 222 million in QI of 2012.

A great piece of news for Android is that it was the leader in app downloads across countries worldwide. Google’s claim that Google OS is the best way to get apps noticed seems to be right.

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