Instagram on Windows Phone? There is something else instead

Although Windows Phone users have been hankering for Instagram on the platform what they have got recently is not exactly Instagram.

6tag is an all that looks like an unofficial version of Instagram. It has similar features like sharing capabilities for Facebook and filters. However, there are serious privacy concerns with this app given the fact that data is not encrypted and usernames and authentication tokens are getting routed to the home server in France.

Given that Instagram recently updated its policy on Instagram Brand Guidelines where connected apps are restricted from using the words “Insta” and “Gram” it is surprising that 6tag continues to thrive.

6tag is violating the Windows Phone App Certification Policies and users could also face flagging if and when Facebook pulls integration. Developers have raised their concerns with Microsoft. Developer of 6tag and Microsoft has reached developer Rudy Huyn.

We don’t know when Instagram will be available for Windows Phone.

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