INQ’s new Android smartphone details leaked

Handset firm INQ has always maintained that it is now looking to launch newer Android smartphones that will have a deep integration of Facebook.

The first details have now leaked out through the specifications available on the Bluetooth SIG website after the company received its Bluetooth certification. The website PocketNow spotted the news.

The details of the new Android Cloud Touch include a build to make messaging smarter and faster. The phone has been designed keeping in mind the way people communicate naturally and also has Facebook as one its core applications. The homescreen offers multiple entry points to Facebook. There is also a dynamic status widget that displays status updates, videos, photos and albums.

Talking of Facebook, the company has been facing speculations that it is in the process of building its own Facebook Phone. But Facebook has continuously maintained that it prefers to work with other manufacturers and platform owners to use their devices to tie in its own services.

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