Innovation is key to success in mobile industry as per 54% execs

Almost nothing is as dynamic as the mobile industry and innovation is the key to success to moving this industry forward.

This was quite apparent from the interviews conducted with the industry’s executives by the European Leaders survey during the MWC this year.

54% execs believe that companies should invest in new and innovative ideas coming from startups. Only 19% execs said that they are happy to stick with large firms that are already making profits.

Almost 67% execs said that the 2012 market will be led by startups and new apps. While 44% of all startups are expected to attract new investors and only 4% believe that manufacturers and operators will drive new technologies forward.

63% execs said that the m-commerce platform lacks real strategy and direction and 37% believe that while big companies invest in innovative technology, they need to ensure that the investment is commercially viable for them.

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