In-app purchases to push app spends to $75 billion

In-app purchases are increasing across markets and the impact of new monetization models used by storefronts and developers will result in the rise in consumer spend on apps.

This market is expected to grow to over $75 billion by 2017. This report comes from Juniper Research.

Apple and Google dominate the space as of now but Amazon and Microsoft are getting ready to battle them.

With new features consistently getting released in-store experiences are getting better. Developers are now working on hitherto ignored areas like discovery tools and better search options.

Developers will also need to work on paid apps because paid apps will only contribute to 25% of the total $75 billion market.

The leading developers are increasing revenues from 100% of their user bases using business models that combine ads with in-app purchases.

Tablet owners will also spend $26.6 billion on apps in 2017 and games will contribute to 32% of the total revenue.
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