Ice Cream Sandwich now has 1% share of Android devices

November 2011 saw the seventh Android OS version debut on Galaxy Nexus. Android 4.0 the seventh version is also called Ice Cream Sandwich.

As per CultofAndroid, Ice Cream Sandwich now occupies 1% of all Android devices and although this number looks minuscule, the fact of the matter is that it is still only available on Galaxy Nexus.

Gingerbread or Android 2.3 is still the leader in this platform with 58.6% market share on all devices and it followed by Froyo or Android 2.2 with 27.8% market share. Éclair or Android 2.1 is in third place with a market share of 7.6% on all Android devices.

It is believed that the market share of Ice Cream Sandwich will go up following Samsung’s plan to roll it out on other Galaxy devices like Note, R, S II and Tab this quarter. This will allow better multi-tasking, Wi-Fi connections, web browsing, NFC support and notifications.

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