Hurricane Sandy affected get 17,000 Google Nexus 7 devices

17,000 Google Nexus 7 tablets have been donated by Giving Google.

The donation was done to the New York State Community Action Association. The association’s aim is to improve life quality for those that belong to low income families. This report has come from Mashable.

At the moment the New York State Community Action Association is helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy last year.

Google is looking to tackle some severe issues faced by those that are still struggling to get back on their feet due to lost jobs and homes, closed facilities and many other long term challenges.

With the new tablets people will find it easier to find new jobs and homes and connect with families and friends.

The Nexus 7 launch was deferred to October 2012 due to the hurricane and Google helped a lot during the time through its updates and alerts send to Android devices.


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