HTML5 mobiles from Mozilla and Telefonica

Mozilla and Telefonica Digital are working on a new platform where HTML5 can be used to power mobile phones.

A new phone design has been constructed. It is completely web based and thus allows pure access for HTML5 apps to core phone APIs. As a result, the Firefox browser can be used for calling, messaging, gaming and browsing.

While Java and HTML have had limited access with mobile phones so far this new platform can totally integrate HTML5 as a native feature. This is expected to lower production costs and make the apps run faster.

This is the first time that the capabilities of open Web and HTML5 have been leveraged to create this new mobile platform.

Carlos Domingo, Director Product Development & Innovation, Telefonica Digital, said that Telefonica’s experience in Latin America says that smartphones have not been able to give users all that they want. This could be a welcome change.

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