Half of all Q1 UK gameplay was on mobile apps

As per report from PCR the results from ISFE or Interactive Software Federation of Europe, Rovio’s Angry Birds secured 10% of all gameplay in the UK during the first quarter of the year.

This comes as no surprise because Angry Birds has been the most popular game over the last year and there seems to be no letting up in its popularity. Rovio has also been popularizing the game further through some clever merchandizing campaigns.

21 million Britons have played games in the past year. This figure amounts to 37% of all British people. Of these 21 million, 43% used one or the other mobile app to play their games. With so many Britons now owning smartphones this number will only rise.

In addition, 31% of the entire population of the UK plays games using their mobiles or consoles or online. Consoles and online games secured 68% and 65% of the total numbers respectively.

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