Google planning to revive its policy on Wallet

As per Bloomberg Google is now considering sharing revenue with non-participating operators like AT&T and Verizon Wireless to kickstart its contactless NFC payments project.

Google Wallet is currently available in select US cities and uses POS systems from ViVOtech, VeriFone and Ingenico to make payments and redemptions with retailers like Macy, American Eagle Outfitters and Subway. Sprint is its only operator partner.

But handset support is a major problem and the only viable as of now is Google Nexus. Sprint has, though, promised introduction of 12 new phones this year.

But this has stunted the project and less than 100,000 downloads have happened so far. And rising expectations around its big competitors like Isis System haven’t helped.

As per Bloomberg the proposal to share revenue would involve special offers and coupons that run on Google Wallet. Google can possibly sidestep the operators and use its own back-end systems to complete mobile-payment transactions. But this can sever all ties with telcos. is the UK’s leading mobile bingo portal.


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