Google acquires a whole load of IBM patents

The search engine optimization done on the website www.seobythesea.com has done plenty of digging around.

And it has now discovered that Google acquired 188 granted patents and 29 published pending patent applications that were filed by IBM. The details of this are available from the USPTO assignment database. Two similar deals were done by Google in 2011.

The patents cover a huge array of topics. SEO by the Sea pulled out some that are pertaining to mobiles. The topics in this category include web page rendering, voice search, NFC and JavaScript browser widget and many more.

This revelation by SEO by the Sea reminds us all about the land grab that is happening around IP rights. This has been causing a lot of litigations flowing between device firms and OS firms.

The SEO by the Sea website details the patents that Google has acquired. For more information you can visit http://www.seobythesea.com/2012/01/ibm-assigns-patent-filings-to-google/.

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