Go Mobile and JAG join hands

Go Mobile and southwest retail chain JAG have announced their joint venture where Go Mobile will initially take a 50 percent stake in JAG.

This JV will stretch to 114 stores that will now display the Go Mobile signage to showcase its superior supply contracts and specific branding. This JV will now allow JAG to sell T-Mobile, 3 and Vodafone through its stores, in addition to Orange and range of iPhone handsets.

The new joint venture is expected to start in the next three to six months with both the JAG founder John George and Go Mobile Head Iain Humphrey contributing 50 percent stake. While John George will head sales and marketing, Iain Humphrey will head supply and logistics through his Shebang Distribution.

Iain Humphrey said that this JV is about two hugely experienced and insightful entrepreneurs joining hands to create something bigger and better in the retail operations space.


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