Global NFC payments initiative launched by Vodafone

Contactless NFC technology hasn’t quite taken the mobile world by storm just yet.

This is primarily because many OEMs are still neglecting to include the platform into their devices.

When Apple didn’t include NFC in its iPhone 5 many eyebrows were raised. But it also suggests that there is no real need for this service yet.

However, Vodafone has now partnered with Gemalto, a digital security provider, to roll out its global NFC service.

The new scheme is called ‘wave and pay’ and it is expected to kick start increased use of the platform where millions of global Vodafone customers can transaction via their mobile phones.

Banks, retailers and transport operators and other third party service providers can also plug into this system.

With this platform Vodafone hopes to offer convenience, simplicity and speed for transactions through simple taps on smartphones.

Gemalto was also part of a Singapore-based NFC launch recently.

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