Giant iPad unveiled by Mattel

The Westfield London Shopping Center now has a giant iPad on display.

This is  to promote the Apptivity line of products from Mattel, the toy manufacturer. The giant screen has already got quite some attention.

To play games one need needs to move the Apptivity toys across the iPad screen. The giant iPad has been set up to demonstrate how this works. The Westfield London Shopping Center is incidentally the largest shopping center in Europe.

There is one game where children can step into the giant device. They are transformed into Hot Wheels Apptivity cars as they move around by looking at the immersive screen that is there in front of them.

As per Jonathan Kirkley, Marketing Manager for Mattel’s Boys this is the first initiative in a highly strategic marketing program. This will bring to notice the Apptivity collection across multiple communication channels including digital, TV, viral video and social media.

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