Germans spend more time on mobiles than on TV

Germans that use mobile web spend, on an average, about 6.5 hours online every day.

About 2 hours and 5 minutes of this are spent on their mobile phone compared to just 85 minutes spent on TV. This is as per InMobi.

And even then, 64% people use their mobile while watching TV. Thus, there is this growing trend of the second screen era and advertisers find this an alluring prospect to target customers with their ads.

76% women use their mobiles in bed compared to 65% of men. 87% use their mobiles while waiting, 38% use in the bathroom and 40% use while shopping.

57% of users say that they notice mobile ads while 87% say that they pay attention to ads across platforms. 23% even buy in-store being encouraged by ads.

In-app ads are most commonly noticed at 64%. 41% spot ads that they see in search engines.

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