Gameloft not happy with EA Mobile’s Christmas promotion

Gonzague de Vallois of Gameloft was critical of EA Mobile and Apple for their pre-Christmas App Store promotion that dropped the price of most of the items in their catalog to $0.99.

As told to Pocket Gamer said that this market is a long term market and consumers should not be put into the habit of expecting stuff at $0.99 and this is why Gameloft didn’t follow EA Mobile. He was critical of Apple for promoting the discount through their worldwide stores.

However, Gameloft wasn’t as immune to this discount sale as told by Gonzague de Vallois. On December 20th hey also announced the “Gameloft Holiday Sale” where it dropped the price of 21 of their iOS titles to the same price. However, Mr. de Vallois said that because of the rising cost of developing iOS games, publishers must be able to charge premium prices even if they need to do this through in-app payments.

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