Fresh rumors abound about the iPhone 5 reboot

There is a leaked picture that shows a container filled with plastic boxes with ‘iPhone 5C’ mentioned on the side.

This picture is available on WeiPhone, a Chinese website. Are we looking at the packaging for the new budget iPhone? Or is it just another container?

Reports have already revealed that Apple wishes to release a budget version of its latest iPhone. Reports also state that the new model could be available in a variety of colors and this is probably what the ‘C’ indicates.

Apple has, so far, released one device per year. However this could now change and the budget iPhone 5C could be released around the same time as the next iPhone.

It is rumored that the budget iPhone 5C is made of cheaper materials like plastic instead of more expensive metal and glass and priced at around $99. This could see Apple boost its sales and combat Android and Samsung.

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