Free Wi-Fi access across London during Olympics from O2

O2 will set up several Wi-Fi hotspots across London during the Olympics.

Some of the locations include Exhibition Road, Leicester Square and Oxford Street. All will benefit from the scheme that was set up in cooperation with Royal Borough of Kensington and Westminster City Council.

Everyone, including those who are not O2 customers can access this free service. This service will help travelers to London save money on roaming 3G bills.

Once a user registers for the service they will get connected automatically whenever they are within range of one of the Wi-Fi hotspots. London mayor Boris Johnson has praised the effort.

There is no mention of the end date for this service but it is expected that O2 will provide it till the end of the Paralympics.

This news has come in the back of free Wi-Fi service launched by Virgin Media. Virgin’s service is available in 41 tube stations and counting.

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