Fraudsters using mobile payment services

Ever since the concept of paying for items through mobile was started a series of scammers have been abusing the system.

One of the latest scams is AIT or Artificially Inflated Traffic. It creates a series of fraudulent transactions using one of the mobile purchasing services. The fraudster is paid off before the aggregator or operator realizes and then they are left to foot the bill. Damages like these are not insignificant.

A gang was arrested last August after it caused O2 to lose £1.2 million in July. Gangs like these have a simple modus operandi. They buy phones using stolen credit cards or they box-break a cheap mobile handset. Then they set themselves up as a false online vendor and establish a mobile payment service. They don’t sell anything and buy non-existent items and charge money as refund from operators.

As per BillingScore operators must acknowledge this problem and fight it.

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