Foursquare offers more menus

Foursquare has made a move by including new menu items that will help it gradually move toward becoming as much of a local guide as a ramification based service.

The new menus are still not available inside the mobile apps but can be found on the mobile and web sites.

For most of the users, Foursquare is all about checking in and getting users to enter the competition for members to visit a locate the most. However, the real meat is in working with various commercial destinations in order to increase loyalty, spending and increase the number of visits to these establishments.

Therefore, this new upgrade, which has been powered by SinglePlatform, will now provide members with more than 13 million menu items including pricing at some locations and caloric information.

Foursquare now has more than 15 million members who have, in total, checked in at venues more than 1.5 billion times till date.

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