Four under-25 techies reveal the smartwatch

Androidly is the world’s first smartwatch powered by Android and it has been unveiled and released by its four creators that are all below 25 years of age.

This smartwatch addresses all those issues that didn’t allow previous smartwatches to be adopted by consumers. This watch is packed with built in WiFi, video camera, GPS, Bluetooth and even has a USB port on the strap. One can also make calls using the speakerphone or by using a Bluetooth headset.

Digital Limb, as it is called, allows app and music download using WiFi and 2.5G. Media can be streamed through Bluetooth to an integrated Android device.

The watch has 416MHz processor, 256MB RAM and its storage can be expanded up to 16GB. This is the smallest ever device to completely run on the Android platform.

Most of its apps are free to download. The smartwatch is available on Kickstarter and the company website for £150.

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