For kids mobile gaming now as popular as console gaming

As per the NPD Group mobile devices have largely changed the way kids in the age range of 2 and 17 play computer games now.

Kids in the age range of 12 – 17 now play for about 7 hours a week on their mobile devices compared to 5 hours in 2011. Overall more than 50% of kids spend more time on mobile gaming than last year.

Laptops, desktops and consoles are still the main gaming devices but mobile is rapidly becoming more and more important for dedicated gamers.

The age when kids take to mobile gaming has dropped and as the game developers continue to embrace more mobile technology the age is expected to drop further.

Gameforge, the game developer has seen this potential and is now focusing more on mobile games as it plans to double its title portfolio.

The only question that remains is whether this growth will continue.

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