Flip phone back with Samsung

We’re seemingly going retro in phone design as Samsung unveiled Galaxy Golden, the smartphone with the retro flip style.

Samsung has made announcements of its smartwatch and has perhaps decided now to take a few steps back. This could be why it developed the more modest looking smartphone as it takes stock of its achievements over the past few years.

Galaxy Golden comes after the release of Hennessy, the Chinese flip phone designed by Samsung. Hennessy has the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS and contains two back-to-back 3.7-inch screens. This allows access to the smartphone screen whether the phone is open or closed.

The software is different from the actual Galaxy range, with a 1.7GHz processor, 8MP camera and LTE support.

Samsung has currently released Galaxy Golden only in South Korea. It costs 790,000 Won. Looks like Korea is where it will be as of now. Would’ve been nice to see the phone in other places too.

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