FIFA 14 and Need for Speed now available in Africa through Airtel

The Airtel Games Club has partnered with Nazara to offer some premium mobile games.

These games include Bejeweled, FIFA 14 and Need for Speed and many more.

The entire library of games will be offered at affordable prices and this should be good for the emerging market in Africa.

Through this partnership Airtel wants to find out what the end users in Africa want from their mobiles. Africa is the youngest continent and more than 50% of the population is less than 25 years of age. So, this move of offering games by paying for them should be a good move.

Nazara has a large gaming portfolio and Savio Saldanha, the CEO, feels confident that the partnership with Airtel will expand the mobile gaming market in the Dark Continent.

As of now the service is available in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. It will be expanded to the entire Airtel market by end of 2013.


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