FB video ads in the summer of 2013?

As of now the Facebook ads that you see are pushed to you in the form of subtle recommendations.

These ads usually come to you in the form of sponsored stories.

The strategy evidently works because Facebook mobile now accounts for 23% of all its ad revenues. To give you a perspective of the importance of this data – the launch only happened last summer.

As per AllThingsD, Rory Maher, analyst at Hillside Partner reckons that Facebook could now start using rich media video ads and this will happen this summer. Maher mentioned that FB is beta testing a video ad product that could be used by advertisers for distributing their video ads.

It is also being heard that Facebook is working on a new location sharing mobile app that will enable it to push targeted deals to users based on their whereabouts. So, someone visiting a new location can easily find restaurants and other services.

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