Facebook will run mobile ads “in weeks”

Facebook, till date, has not run a single mobile ad on its site even though it accounts for 40% of all mobile web traffic.

Now, as per the FT, it could be just a few weeks before the ads appear.

However, instead of the traditional banner ads, Facebook is planning to introduce into the users’ timelines “featured stories” ads, ads that are based on the sponsored story format. It’s obvious that Facebook is ramping up its monetizing plans to assure its IPO investors.

Whatever it does will have a huge impact on the market because Facebook not only has the most traffic but also the most sensitive users of mobile web. Facebook users will surely not accept anything that invades their privacy.

Yet, Facebook greatest strength lies in the amount of user behavior and preference data of its users it has.

It gets this right, no problem. Else it could be a nightmare for the PR team.

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